Flight, Control and Stability

Helicopters have unique stability and control characteristics not seen in other aircraft.  In this section we discuss helicopter flight, controls and stability.  It includes a high-level introduction to the primary flight controls that a pilot uses to fly a helicopter:  Helicopter Flight Controls.  Aspects of the helicopter's response to pilot control inputs are discussed in our article on helicopter stability:  Helicopter Stability.  Undesirable "off-axis" responses to pilot control inputs are discussed in this article:  Off-Axis Control Responses.  

For more detailed / technical information about the forces exerted on pilot sticks and pedals see this article:  Control Forces.  For technical notes about collective control rigging for autorotation see this:  Control Rigging for Autorotation.  To learn more about autorotation - how a helicopter glides to the ground upon engine failure - see this:  Helicopter Autorotation.